Licensing Strategy

The value added by NUCLI is the ability to establish the best licensing strategy for each of its customers. With the support of a professional staff, such as NUCLI, when deciding on the necessary licensing for customer environments, you ensure the best possible Oracle Infrastructure optimized cost of ownership required.

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License reselling

Let you be advised by Oracle database professionals to obtain the maximum benefits in your Oracle technology purchases. License what you need and do not pay more than necessary. Any Oracle's customer does a very limited number of purchases in a year. NUCLI participates annually in tens of these negotiations and has the exact perception of the opportunity for each moment.

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License Auditing & Advising

If you have questions about your Oracle database environments licensing status, NUCLI can develop and run an internal audit project, based on the same criteria that the manufacturer uses, and advise on what actions would be necessary to adapt and optimize your current Oracle licensing model.

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