Database Upgrades

Installations, Upgrades & Cross Platform Transformations

Installing and configuring an Oracle database has a high impact on the quality of the later phases of the life cycle of projects. Verifying environment certification to be assured of support, the adjustment of operating system configuration, storage and networks, an appropriate use of the physical structure and a standard nomenclature definition, the configuration and parameterization of databases instances are factors to consider for a right installation

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Automatic Application Testing

In a mission critical environment it is good practice to test the behavior of the applications before any change at the infrastructure level, version of the Oracle database, changes in its configuration, etc. So, NUCLI has a long and proven experience in the field of tools that allow the testing of applications. The use of this type of tools minimizes the cost of implementation and execution of the testing of the applications as well as ensuring that the testing reflects the totality of the activity of the applications they perform in the Oracle database instances.

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