Advanced Support

Service Instrumentation

Instrumentation process is important to efficient management of an information system. In this case, the implementation of applications is key to monitoring and maintaining a mission critical system. NUCLI is specialist in mission critical systems where service access to data must be available

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L2 & L3 Support

NUCLI offers L2 and L3 support services. Maybe the criticity of the Database System Management difficulty or due to the lack of specialists resources, NUCLI puts to diposal of his costumers, specialists with more than 15 years of experience to support the normal database management, planned interventions where it’s necessary to keep the level of service, software updates, unplanned stops (incidences), stress testing and software evolution, application performance problems, data recovery ...

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24x7 Support

NUCLI covers 24x7 support for critical mission systems. There are applications that need to maintain service on a sustained way. Critical mission systems are usually very well implemented which facilitates and ensures the service. However, just as the implementation of the system availability is maximized, this should be also covered by an effective expert support services and resources for any planned or unplanned stop that could lead to the minimum service stop

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