Automatic Application Testing. Jump safely to 19c !
  •  14/02/2021 14:51

NUCLI implements a set of tools for the testing of application activity on an Oracle database. These tools are capable of capturing the activity of one instance of Oracle databases and reproducing it in another instance of Oracle databases without the need for additional licensing and implementation effort.

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NUCLI AWR Data Visualization
  •  12/11/2017 11:00

NUCLI presents the new version of AWR Data Visualization (named Analytics too) with many new features in terms of functionality and user interface, especially in the best user experience as well as improved access to AWR data from the tool allowing minimization the diagnosis time. The new version is available for any type of device and is already in production. For more information about the new version and how to use it, feel free to contact us and without any commitment, make a demonstration with performance data of any of your Oracle databases.

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