Senior Oracle Database Architect

Barcelona, España - 15
We are looking for high rated technicians, with higher education with a minimum of 10 years of experience working in Oracle Database Projects.
Do you think you have the highest expertise and knowledge about Oracle Database? Do you think your skills could be stronger in a better environment? Do you want to become part of the greatest group of Database experts? Do you want to deal with the most challenging projects? Do you want to improve your skills every day?


  • Experience in Oracle database technology (at least 10 years).
  • Degree in Engineering / Mathematics
  • Reliable references from previous jobs
  • Extensive knowledge in SQL and PLSQL
  • Extensive knowledge in data models (design)
  • Extensive knowledge in Oracle data architectures
  • Ability to work as a team and assume a secondary role
  • Ability to maintain the confidentiality and security policy of NUCLI
  • Have a constant desire to improve skills and performance
  • High level of conversational English
  • Appearance

NUCLI offers bonuses based on personal performance and the success of the projects in which they participate.
Work with the best team of specialists in Oracle data management. Expand knowledge thanks to the accumulated experience of the projects carried out in NUCLI. NUCLI works in the most demanding data management environments (in terms of transactionality and volumetrics) in the Spanish market and in the most innovative Oracle technologies. The majority of NUCLI projects present challenges where not only knowledge in technology is necessary, but a great capacity for creativity, intellect and teamwork is necessary.
  • Maintain and improve the level of excellence in the services developed by NUCLI
  • Work as a team and to be ready for adquiring new knowledge
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