NUCLI Experts, S.L. is a private company, created on September 2004 in Barcelona with a clear vocation: to become a leading company in the area of Oracle Database Expert Services Technology. Defined from its creation as a specialist company, NUCLI answers a tangible market need to maximize the possibilities of Oracle Database technology.

Taking advantage of this technology requires a extensive knowledge of it, and a wide and solid experience in implementing it in the most diverse environments, The fact of NUCLI is to provide this knowledge and technology to the market. Today, it’s almost impossible, to think running business and services without the right Information Technology support. Data Management plays an important role into them and Oracle Database leadership is worldwide recognized. But this technological leadership is not enough without the appropriate Professional Services to organize the available resources aligned with business requirements.

NUCLI was created for this purpose and has shown throughout its history the ability to achieve  with a very strong relationship with Oracle Database technology and its market evolution. The company sustained growth, in quantitative and qualitative form, is an example of this. Reaching the status of Oracle Certified Advantage Partner in November 2008, the highest level that Oracle Corporation Partnership award, confirms so. NUCLI approaches the market with the ability to maximize the return on investment already made or to be made in Data Management with a extensive expertise on Oracle technology and a long experience establishing relationships with its customers for mutual benefit and technical trust.

Engaged with the Excellence

  1. To add value to our customers, partners and shareholders through market supply of Oracle Database Technology expert services and acquisition of this technology by Oracle license sales with clear benefits for all involved parts.
  2. To become a leader in the European and American Data Management market in Oracle technology, by excellence in knowledge, practical application of this technology and service to his customer

Engaged with Ethics and Respect

  1. Technological excellence and solid knowledge in Oracle Database by permanent education and constant research and innovation.
  2. Humane Resources policy based on the selection and retention of talented skilled Oracle technology experts with proven experience.
  3. Customer Service Orientation in the context of long-term relationships and mutual benefit.
  4. Maximum commitment to the client and to the achievement results defined in each project and service.
  5. Strict confidentiality of customer information handled in all projects and services.
  6. Partnership approach between NUCLI employees and between NUCLI and its customers.
  7. Proactivity in risk, problem detection  and solutions.
  8. Absolute respect for the law.

Rigor, Efficiency and Quality

Deciding on the best architecture of Oracle Database considering functional requirements, performance, scalability, contingency, backup, ownership costs, complexity of the solution is an art to few experts. NUCLI has these experts.

NUCLI wants to be the reference partner for its customers in the Oracle data environment. We can achieve this by understanding your needs and priorities: always advising the best way to use Oracle technology in your business. With the independence from the manufacturer, NUCLI always get the most efficient solution for each customer.

NUCLI has extensive experience in different profiles of applications behavior running on different platforms and manufacturers. Depending on the initial requirements and the kind of application it’s possible to select one platform or another and the selection of necessary features to be implemented, to get the best possible behavior in terms of availability, performance and management. NUCLI has the appropriate methodology to get the best results of Oracle technology in any type of project. In mission critical projects, NUCLI Experts can add the most value because of its experience and expertise. Any project that is critical for the costumer becomes critical for NUCLI.

NUCLI methodology includes "complexity managing" of Oracle technology. This means adapting the technology to the characteristics of each customer and to give relevance to issues such as project documentation and phases of technology transfer to enable the customer to feel safe and comfortable with the solutions implemented.