Service Instrumentation

Instrumentation process is important to efficient management of an information system. In this case, the implementation of applications is key to monitoring and maintaining a mission critical system. NUCLI is specialist in mission critical systems where service access to data must be available. As a result of the experience in these environments, NUCLI provides applications instrumentation services and Oracle databases manager services, facilitating your operation and maximizing the data access availability.

Is it essential that a mission critical system is operated by database administrators? Instrumentation process is necessary and is the first step to operate and manage a mission critical system. The operation manual becomes an essential element to operation levels to manage the system effectively. The database administrator should be dedicated to bringing added value to the platform evolution or to applications. As NUCLI has the knowledge and references, with Oracle databases system instrumentation, management efforts have been reduced, applications availability has been improved and consequently ongoing system costs have significantly reduced.

Benefits. Your Best Technological Partner

  • Actual experience in mission critical systems
  • Deep knowledge of Oracle Grid Control as a monitoring tool
  • Great instrumentation practices based on experience
  • Effectiveness on the anomaly detection
  • Knowledge of the Oracle database manager's instrumentation capacities
  • Experience in implementation of SQL, PLSQL, Java,. NET, ...
  • Background in instrumentation: time and money savings

Services. Associated Services to Be Considered in a Project

  • Deployment of High Availability Architecture of Oracle Grid Control
  • Fine settings of Oracle Grid Control / Database Control as a monitoring tool
  • Massive display of agents
  • Templates design and dashboards in Grid Control / Database Control
  • Integration of Oracle Grid Control / Database Control with third party tools (monitoring, ticketing)
  • Operation Training
  • Operation manuals based on Oracle Grid Control / Database Control
  • Making management model of operation and management levels
  • Support in configuring instrumentation for applications
  • Operating procedure as Grid Control / Database Control alerts

Technology. Oracle Technology Options to Be Considered

  • Oracle Grid Control, Database Control, Templates, Dashboards, ..