Automatic Application Testing

In a mission critical environment it is good practice to test the behavior of the applications before any change at the infrastructure level, version of the Oracle database, changes in its configuration, etc. So, NUCLI has a long and proven experience in the field of tools that allow the testing of applications. The use of this type of tools minimizes the cost of implementation and execution of the testing of the applications as well as ensuring that the testing reflects the totality of the activity of the applications they perform in the Oracle database instances.

The NUCLI methodology acquired during the execution of hundreds of transformations of Oracle databases (platform, version, configuration, architecture, ..) is based on the necessary execution of functional and stress tests on the applications on the transformed environment. There are many times that it is not easy to implement stress tests, above all, to reproduce an activity identical to that performed in a production environment. Due to fact, it is very important to have a method that guarantees the execution of some stress tests that are based on the real reproduction of the activity of the applications on the transformed environment. 

The approach of these projects goes through a careful taking of requirements and knowledge of the global environment, a extensive definition of the change process, environment testing with clear definition of the adjustments to be made and, when necessary, the use of technology to move data when there is no standstill window

Benefits. Your Best Technological Partner

  • Significant experience in Application behaviour in Oracle instances 
  • Significant experience using Oracle Real Application Testing (Implementation and utilization)
  • Minimizing risks during and after the Oracle software upgrade
  • Deep knowledge about the location and problems resolution related to access plans regressions
  • Support to development team during installation, upgrade and data migration
  • Use of NUCLI AWR data cloud on source and target system
  • Knowledge transfer to the development and systems team
  • Senior Consultants: time and money savings
  • Extensive documentation about the change process

Services. Associated Services to Be Considered in a Project

  • Consulting on the impact of the update
  • Setup and prepare Oracle Real Application Testing or Automatic Application Testing
  • Analyze and setup the baselines on source system
  • Instrumentation testing process for reproducing it N times
  • Throubleshooting and tuning target system
  • Implementation and Real Application Testing use

Technology. Oracle Technology Options to Be Considered

  • Enterprise Manager, Cloud Control, Oracle Real Application Testing, AWR & ASH, Automatic Application Testing, Database Replay, SQL Performance Analyzed,  ...