Installations, Upgrades & Cross Platform Transformations

Over time, Oracle Database has improved and simplified product installation process and its options. Nowadays, most wizards allow to install and create most of the databases in a trivial way. However, installing and configuring an Oracle database has a high impact on the quality of the later phases of the life cycle of projects. Verifying environment certification to be assured of support, the adjustment of operating system configuration, storage and networks, an appropriate use of the physical structure and a standard nomenclature definition, the configuration and parameterization of databases instances are factors to consider for a right installation, which should be part of the architecture of the project and executed with maximum precision to establish the foundations for a stable and secure environment.

Oracle Database Support Cycle triggers the need for periodic product updates to have a supported database environment. Other times, Migration projects are triggered by changes in the hardware platform or by the Applications Support cycle. In all cases, a Migration requires Expert Services to reduce the risks associated to the change. In critical environments, there is no downtime or it is minimal and changes in application behavior resulting from a change of version are fundamental, it can seriously affect the service if it hasn’t done a set of tests of version change impact . Nucli in addition to his experience of more than one hundred projects of this type provides a set of Best Practices to minimize the risk of change and service downtime resulting from these actions.

The approach of these projects goes through a careful taking of requirements and knowledge of the global environment, a extensive definition of the change process, environment testing with clear definition of the adjustments to be made and, when necessary, the use of technology to move data when there is no standstill window

Benefits.Your Best Technological Partner

  • Significant experience in installations and upgrades 
  • Real Experience in data migration with near zero downtime 
  • Minimizing risks during and after the Oracle software upgrade
  • Deep knowledge about the location and problems resolution related to access plans regressions
  • Support to development and infrastructure team during installation, upgrade and data migration
  • Using NUCLI AWR Data Visualization on source and destination databases
  • Knowledge transfer to the development and systems teams
  • Senior Consultants: time and money savings
  • Extensive documentation about the change process

Services. Associated Services to Be Considered in a Project

  • Consulting on the impact of the update
  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle software
  • Installation and backup system, management tools and operation configuration
  • Version Upgrades (7, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c, 19c)
  • Implementation and setting of Oracle Real Application Testing or Nucli Automatic Application Testing
  • Platform changes
  • Data movement within and between CPD
  • Database CharacterSet update

Technology. Oracle Technology Options to Be Considered

  • OEL, Oracle Golden Gate, Oracle Standby Database, Oracle Logical Standby Database, RMAN, TTS, DataPump, RAT, Automatic Application Testing, Oracle SQL Baselines, Oracle Outlines, CBO Statistics, ...