14 Feb

Barcelona (Spain)

NUCLI implements a set of tools for the testing of application activity on an Oracle database. These tools are capable of capturing the application activity on Oracle Database instances and reproducing it in other Oracle database instances with no need of additional licensing and implementation effort.

The tools are born out of the experience of NUCLI in transformations and upgrades of Oracle database version and allow without the need for installation of any additional software and only through configuration supported and certified by the Oracle manufacturer, the testing of applications through capture and reproduction of the activity of the applications and the analysis and comparison of the profile of applications.

These tools, - for internal use of NUCLI - are used in transformation projects, allow minimizing the risk that in any transformation / version upgrade appears related to performance regressions. In this case, the guarantees in terms of performance improvement, which exceed even those offered by other tools, are extraordinarily widened.

NUCLI offers its experience in application testing through a service that minimize the costs invested in stress tests and configuration and costs invested in additional software using Automatic Application Testing and NUCLI AWR Data Visualization together.

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