Backup Implementation and Disaster & Recovery Implementation

In Business Continuity stages Disaster Recovery strategies require careful analysis of issues related to Data Management. Having a contingency site is not enough to guarantee the Continuity, and often the inherent times in a database Restore prevent compliance with the standards required in these situations. Oracle technology offers several alternatives, such as Oracle Dataguard, and / or - from 11g- Oracle Active Dataguard, combination of which can be set High Availability stages in Disaster. Besides the cost / result evaluation of several alternative, the right Architecture definition and the solution establishment, is fundamental -at least for NUCLI- developing and testing necessary intervention protocols for – just in the case to apply them - the result agrees with the investments made in Disaster Recovery.

In order for these investments not to involve productive resources immobilization just in case of contingency, Oracle Dataguard technology with appropriate Expert Services can use the Standby Database to update Oracle software service non-stop systems, and have a test environment, clearly separating the production environment of reporting systems, such as backup system, .. etc.

Benefits. Your Best Technological Partner

  • Solution of Specific Disaster & Recover According to the Requirements
  • DR Procedure Simplicity
  • Testing and Adjustment of DR Procedures
  • Data Global Solution (with data vision and also application access)
  • Experience and Knowledge in DR Solutions (+50 projects of Oracle Dataguard in customers)
  • Instrumentation of DR Configurations and Procedures of Failover, switchover and Failback
  • Instrumentation of DR system Management (gaps resolution, opening in read only flashback database, synchronization, ...)
  • Seniors Consultants: saving time and money

Services. Associated Services to Be Considered in a Project

  • Backup & Recover Current Solution Analysis
  • Configuration (if it applies) of New Backup Strategies
  • Disaster & Recovery Solution Design
  • Implementation of DR Solution (according to architecture and infrastructure design)
  • Procedure Testing
  • Procedure Instrumentation
  • Management Instrumentation, Operation and Administration

Technology. Oracle Technology Options to Be Considered

  • Secure Backup, MTTR, RAC, Dataguard, Resource Manager, Streams, Disaster Recovery, Physical/Logical Standby, Exports/Data Pump, NetApp/Veritas, Flashback.