NUCLI works with customers all around the world. NUCLI customers are mainly multinational companies from many different sectors such as Telco, Finance, Energy, Pharma, Tourism, General Industry and Services. NUCLI also works in major public projects that have direct impact on citizens.

All NUCLI services always run with the maximum rigor and common sense in reference to Oracle technology to be implemented. NUCLI is expert  in mission critical systems and as a result, participates in the management of transactional systems which run more than 5.000 transactions per second as well as systems that handle over 300 TB of structured data as major figures.

NUCLI experts have over 15 years experience in Oracle database technology, so NUCLI can address important challenges and to implement optimal Oracle technology. NUCLI experts have been present in the implementation, optimization and running of many of Oracle databases management systems in IBEX35 companies as well as some international projects.

NUCLI uses the following features of Oracle Database in a regular way

  • Oracle Clusterware / Grid Infrastructure 
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Automatic Storage Management
  • Oracle Streams (1-way, 2-way, n-way)
  • Oracle Golden Gate (1-way, 2-way, n-way, broadcast, consolidation, cascading)
  • Oracle Standby Database and Oracle Active Dataguard 
  • SQL & PL/SQL Development / Profiling / Tuning
  • Oracle Partitioning, Advanced Compression, Advanced Security
  • Edition Based Redefinition
  • Oracle Real Application Testing
  • Oracle Data Integrator / Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Oracle Grid Control & Oracle EM Packs
  • Enterprise Manager Client (EMCLI)
  • Oracle Lifecycle Management & Database as a Service
  • Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) & Backup Advanced Features, Oracle Secure Backup
  • Oracle Active Session History & Automatic Workload Repository
  • Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)
  • Oracle Database Machine (Exadata) 
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance