Oracle Enterprise Manager. Advanced Implementation and Database as a Service on-premise

Oracle Enterprise Manager is Oracle’s on-premises management platform, providing a single pane of glass for managing all of a customer's Oracle deployments, whether in their data centers or in the Oracle Cloud. Through deep integration with Oracle’s product stack, Enterprise Manager provides market-leading management and automation support for Oracle applications, databases, middleware, hardware and engineered systems.

NUCLI has experience in implementations of Oracle Enterprise Manager in terms of architecture, advanced configuration of monitoring and configuration of Oracle Enterpriser Manager packs. NUCLI has deployed Oracle Enterprise Manager on installed bases of thousands of Oracle databases and is an expert in the configuration and use of Oracle Enterprise Manager Client in terms of instrumentation and orchestration of administrative and operational tasks resulting from different projects related to Database as a Service.

Database as a Service

Large enterprises today have hundreds and thousands of databases of various versions, configurations and patch levels. Another challenge is around time to provision new databases. When an end user, be it a developer or a QA engineer, needs a database he or she typically has to go through an approval process, which then translates into a series of tasks for the DBA, the sysadmin and storage admin. This is a cumbersome and time -consuming process and may span days. Due to non -optimal usage of finite computational resources and signi ficant IT latency, it also possesses the risk of overspending by organizations. NUCLI has developed custom procedures for achieving a huge improvement of thease tasks: automatic patching, automatic provisioning and automatic upgrading using procedures and directives of Oracle Enterprise Manager. The result: Database as a Service on-premise

The NUCLI experience will allow you to get the maximum performance of Oracle Enteprise Manager in terms of use of Diagnostics Pack, Tuning Pack, Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack, Configuration Management, Change Management Pack, Datamasking Pack, system monitoring plugins, ...

Benefits. Your Best Technological Partner

  • Architectural design according to the application requirements
  • Database as a Service on-premises for large environments
  • Experts in EMCLI
  • Simplicity Culture: The simplest architecture that maximizes application availability
  • Availability, Scalability and Performance
  • Recognized architects. Profit in time and money savings
  • Interaction with other infrastructures and development teams

Services. Associated Services to Be Considered in a Project

  • Analysis and identification of compliance requirements
  • Hardware Specifications
  • Necessary infrastructure design
  • Current licensing study and new needs according to requirements
  • Based solution on requirements of availability and scalability design
  • Backup system and Disaster & Recover Design
  • Monitoring solution and administration Design
  • Advanced configuration about Security and Security policies
  • Custom Procedures for massive agent deployments
  • Custom Procedures for Patching & Provisioning
  • Advanced configuration of AWR Warehouse
  • Advanced and custom Oracle Enterprise Manager reporting
  • ..

Technology. Oracle Technology Options to Be Considered

  • Agents, reports , AWR, extended metric, directive, procedure, jobs, emcli, AWR warewhouse, exadata pluggins, autonomous database,    ...