Oracle Partner

NUCLI's commitment to specialization as a model of technological excellence. We know what is the source of our knowledge and we maintain the will to improve it constantly. Defined from his inception as a specialist company, NUCLI answers a real market need that is the maximization of the possibilities that Oracle Database technology can offer. This use requires a thorough knowledge of this technology, and a wide and solid experience in his implementation in the most diverse environments, and the objective of NUCLI is precisely make available to the market this knowledge and technology. Evidence of this is the very sustained growth of the company in a quantitative and qualitative way, and the completion in November 2008 the status of Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, the highest level of Oracle Corporation Partnership. Currently NUCLI is recognized by Oracle Corporation as Oracle Partner.

NUCLI has always been a technological company specialized in Oracle database and the result of this, the Oracle manufacturer recognizes NUCLI as a partner specialized in major Oracle database features and options including Oracle Exadata. NUCLI has worked with Exadata almost from the start (in different proofs of concept and manufacturer specific training) and from 2011 on production systems.

Oracle Corporation recognizes and recommends all companies that require services related to Oracle technology, trust in specializing partners. NUCLI was the first Spanish partner getting the expertise of Oracle Exadata (May 2011). All architects and consultants in NUCLI have different product certifications related with Oracle Database. The recognition of the manufacturer is important in terms of Oracle Technology Expertise but not enough: NUCLI specialization is recognized by the industry through all NUCLI customers. Specialization is the beginning of the road to excellence and continues when all the skills and experience are put into practice with simple, optimal and maintainable solutions.