Tuning, Troubleshooting and Forecasting

The system performance is a combination of several layers, such as available hardware, operating system, interconnection system, database and its use on applications. Application Development often focuses on business and functional aspects. Available development tools, usually don't allow to make database operations optimally. As a result of these factors, each application may have its own particular profile which can even change over time depending on data volumes.

The excellence of Oracle technology for consistent information management can be shown with its majority market share. However, this technology doesn’t guarantee by itself the applications performance. Suboptimal performance applications are a common issue, that results in Ownership cost increases (TCO) of technology, user displeasure and direct impact in business results. Based on an application profile, NUCLI applies a methodology that analyzes pending events in Oracle Database (there are over 400 types) and from this diagnosis NUCLI can make recommendations that result in dramatic improvements of performance. These improvements are available transparently to the application by adjusting the Oracle instance and / or modifying the physical data model, in other cases, the recommendations may cover from improving the physical data model to SQL rewriting seeking the best ratio between the effort it would take to the impact in development and performance improvement that you can obtain.

Benefits. Your Best Technological Partner

  • Actual experience in Forecasting works (transactional growth, volumes, hardware change, ...)
  • Minimum time in problem diagnosis: experience in many sectors and Oracle databases manager features
  • +500 Performance Tuning projects successfully performed
  • Using NUCLI AWR Data Cloud for diagnosing and correcting the problem
  • NUCLI involves +2 experts in all Forecasting Troubleshooting & Tuning projects
  • Strong knowledge in Oracle Cost Based Optimizer
  • Senior Consultants:time and money savings

Services. Associated Services to Be Considered in a Project

  • Deployment and implementation of performance repository (AWR)
  • Implementing the most appropriate statistical model to make predictions
  • Application Profile (One Shot)
  • Application Profile Review
  • Problem Solving
  • Forensic Reports
  • White Books

Technology. Oracle Technology Options to Be Considered

  • AWR, Perfstat, LogMiner, Oracle wait interface, Active Session History (ASH), Query Plans, Query Tuning, Grid Control Performance and Tuning Packs, Application Tuning, Resource Manager, SQL Plan Baselines, Stored Outlines, ..