Physical Data Model Design

The physical design of data model is the most important part for applications to make sustainable use of the infrastructure and run efficiently on the defined architecture. Applications have clear requirements for availability and scalability data. The physical design of the data model should allow data growing in volume without adding complexity in their management. For this reason, it’s very important that the physical design of the data model facilitates data backup, availability and optimal access.

Nowadays, applications handle thousands of gigabytes data. It’s a fact that there are many applications with clear lack of scalability because of its constant growth. NUCLI works on many projects to facilitate the sustained growth of data and that this issue doesn’t affect its management and administration. NUCLI designes physical data models to enable sustained growth without backup penalty and data recovery, taking care of data availability levels according to application requirements and optimizing data access.

Benefits. Your Best Technological Partner

  • Important experience in physical design of data models (large transactional activity and high storage)
  • Optimal and sustainable use of the infrastructure. Oracle Technology property cost improvement
  • Deep knowledge on Oracle databases SQL Optimizer. Implementation plans Stability
  • Deep knowledge on Oracle backup software (RMAN) and its practical applications
  • Deep knowledge on Oracle databases manager options
  • Experience in configurations to maximize data availability in VLDB environments (very large databases)
  • Recognized architects. Profit in time and money savings

Services. Associated Services to Be Considered in a Project

  • Entry points study and data consumption
  • Analysis of data type to store about read-only and read / write information
  • Partitioning and data compression system design
  • Backup system design according to data type
  • Supply test and data access design
  • Setting storage characteristics of data segments
  • Setting the dynamic model of queries and stabilization of access plans
  • Setting specific routines for calculating statistics and segments management
  • Thin documentation of design and evolution best practices

Technology. Oracle Technology Options to Be Considered

  • Advanced Compression, Partitionning, Plan Stability, CBO Statistics, VPD, Storage clausules, indexing policy, Historical data management, table type design, ..