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ORACLE Database Technology

High Availavility, Disaster & Recovery, Database as a Service, Database Cloud Sercice, Performance Tuning and Forecasting, Golden Gate Data Replication & Data Distribution, Heretogeneous Data Integration, Enginyered systems evaluation, implementation & tuning, Automatic Application Testing, ...

NUCLI works with customers all around the world. NUCLI customers are mainly multinational companies from many different sectors such as Telco, Finance, Energy, Pharma, Tourism, General Industry and Services. NUCLI also works in major public projects that have direct impact on citizens.

All NUCLI services always run with the maximum rigor and common sense in reference to Oracle technology to be implemented. NUCLI is expert  in mission critical systems and as a result, participates in the management of transactional systems which run more than 5.000 transactions per second as well as systems that handle over 300 TB of structured data as major figures.

NUCLI experts have over 15 years experience in Oracle database technology, so NUCLI can address important challenges and to implement optimal Oracle technology. NUCLI experts have been present in the implementation, optimization and running of many of Oracle databases management systems in IBEX35 companies as well as some international projects.

NUCLI uses the following features of Oracle Database in a regular way

  • Oracle Clusterware / Grid Infrastructure 
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Automatic Storage Management
  • Oracle Streams (1-way, 2-way, n-way)
  • Oracle Golden Gate (1-way, 2-way, n-way, broadcast, consolidation, cascading)
  • Oracle Standby Database and Oracle Active Dataguard 
  • SQL & PL/SQL Development / Profiling / Tuning
  • Oracle Partitioning, Advanced Compression, Advanced Security
  • Edition Based Redefinition
  • Oracle Real Application Testing
  • Oracle Data Integrator / Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Oracle Grid Control & Oracle EM Packs
  • Enterprise Manager Client (EMCLI)
  • Oracle Lifecycle Management & Database as a Service
  • Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) & Backup Advanced Features, Oracle Secure Backup
  • Oracle Active Session History & Automatic Workload Repository
  • Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)
  • Oracle Database Machine (Exadata) 
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance
  • Oracle Cloud Infraestructure

Rigor, Efficiency and Quality

Our experience and methodology allows us to reduce the risk in the development of critical projects, ensuring schedules with the maximum efficiency and quality levels

NUCLI bases its offer in different types of service, covering almost the entire life cycle of Oracle Data Management: Strategic Advisory, Infrastructure Design, Solution Architecture, Installation, Upgrade, Optimization (Forecasting, Troubleshooting and Tuning) and Support. Once project objectives are defined, the common factor is the allocation of expert resources with skills and experience necessary to achieve results within the time limits involved. Delivery of documentation, transfer of know-how to the user, monitoring of projects together, strict quality control and commitment to agreed results are the basis of all NUCLI professional activity.

NUCLI groups (according to its experience) services: Expert Services, Advanced Support, Sales & Licensing Consulting and Other Services

Expert Services

From the strategy of use to the implementation of solutions based on Oracle Database technology. All nucli services are based on tested procedures, fruit of a long history in the implementation of solutions based on Oracle database technology. ​


Advanced Support Services

Implementation and expert support for mission critical systems based on Oracle Database technology. Service instrumentation, level 2 and level 3 of support and even when is necessary level 4 based on our expert services.


Sales & Licensing Consulting Services

NUCLI is an Oracle software license reseller. Advice based on Oracle Database technology deep knowledge. NUCLI has a lot of experience in licensing policies and proactive audithing in a small / medium and large Oracle software installations


Other Services

Product demonstrations, proofs of concept, capacity planning, project management, conferences, publications or best practices on specific Oracle technologies

Maximum Levels of Technology Certification, Quality and Information Security

NUCLI has achieved several Enterprise level certifications on technology, quality and information security standards. Nucli accreditations prove that the company knowledge on Oracle databases technology is excellent and that the existing methodology for projects runs with the maximum efficacy

Oracle Partner

Oracle Partner

NUCLI also has the following specializations in Oracle Technology: Oracle Service Partner Expertise in Oracle Database, Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, Oracle GoldenGate 12c, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Linux6 and Oracle database Performance and Tuning.

Quality (ISO 9001:2015)

Quality (ISO 9001:2015)

NUCLI is a company committed to the quality of the delivered services. All services follow a strict methodology developed in order to ensure high-quality standards. This commitment has been certified by ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate 90611420 issued by Dekra) "Strategic assessment, architecture, tuning, configuration and deployment of high availability architectures and business continuity plans of Information Systems"

Information Security (ISO 27001:2013)

Information Security (ISO 27001:2013)

With a strong commitment to deliver to Nucli's customers the best guarantees in the management and custody of data, the company is certified by ISO 27001:2013 (Certificate 44 121 1200 46 issued by TUV-Nord Cert). Nucli has developed his Information Security Management System (ISMS) as an ongoing process of policy, activities planning, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources designed to minimize the risk associated to information assets of its customers organization

Continuous investment for method improving

NUCLI invests in methods and tools development for optimizing and for improving its levels of excellence and quality

NUCLI is recognized by the Government of Spain as an Innovative Small - Medium Enterprise
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